Taking a pause

Taking a pause

Dear friends—it's been a hard couple of weeks at Nectar & Green, a hard year really. A beloved and key member of our team tested positive for COVID-19 and has been quite sick. While the rest of us have tested negative (twice) since then and we've been given the green light to reopen, the truth is we have been stretched thin this year.

In an effort to practice the self care that we preach, we have decided to remain closed a little while longer—to rest, recover, restructure, and to get vaccinated. This decision was not made lightly; I know that N&G plays a critical role in your own wellness rituals. Our hope is to return in a few weeks more whole, more creative, and better able to meet your needs.

While we will not be pressing almond milk during this time, the Wellness Pantry remains open for you. Shipping may take a little longer than usual, but we are happy to send what you need when we can (we have some beautiful new products coming soon).

Please stay safe, be well and get your vaccine when it's your turn.