with purity

Our almond milk is made from whole, organic almonds—a lot of them. First we press them. Then, we combine them with a short list of ingredients that we find especially beautiful and nourishing (like maple from local trees and sea salt from the Atlantic). We source only organic ingredients and we say no to refined sugars and fillers. Because almond milk should be delicious, and what you put in your body matters.

Nectar & Green

Our Founder

Laurel was born the same year her mother opened a tiny flower shop in Connecticut. Those early years surrounded by all things green and growing shaped her thinking about food and the way we eat. Over time, this thoughtfulness became an obsession for clean eating and living. Equal parts minimalist and perfectionist, Laurel launched Nectar & Green in 2015 with the belief that healthful living and simple living should be one and the same.